Sunday, November 18, 2012

How Ironic

Funny that I would use ironic in the title of this little rattle while I'm sitting here contemplating the use of irony in our hip culture. A piece in the New York Times set me off this time.

I mingled with hipsters last night until it got up close to my bedtime. Like the guy who wrote the article in the Times, I'm annoyed by the hipsters. At least he knows why he's annoyed. He considers them to be posers that remind him of himself. I suppose that maybe I see them appropriating and taking little artifacts and attitudes and fashions that have always set me apart from most of my friends. Funny, one of the first songs of mine to garner much airplay was "Too Hip For The Radio." Ironic.

I'm not hip and I never will be. Sometimes I use irony and sarcasm. I don't much approve of either one. Maybe if you're Dorothy Parker or Groucho Marx you can get away with it. I'd prefer to cause folks to consider peace and love with blinding sincerity. I like pie, too.

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