Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Barn Door's Open

You can sense it out there. A great age is coming. I suppose that the equities and real estate markets may be ready to roar again but that's not what I'm thinking about. It seems that we inch forward in terms of evolution. I've been worried for some time now about the new nitwits. You know, the birthers, the climate deniers, the conspiratorialists, the bigots and the haters.

Now I've mentioned here before that I have no use for politics. Obama's not really my guy. He is, however, as close as it's gonna get to make me happy. I hold out for the day when love and books and health and peace make up our national priorities. I want to put folks to work patching up our rusting infrastructure and send aid to countries for medicine and education, not bombs and propaganda. When we give away love and peace we won't need propaganda.

Meantime, though, it occurs to me that we're not getting meaner and dumber. It just stands out more. Just as President Obama is here for a transition, so moves our society. The ignorance and the hate are rising to the top so that we can skim it as we find it.

Knowing that folks will look back and cry when they read about how we have mistreated and misunderstood women and gays and the disenfranchised; how we have crippled the environment and hurt animals; how we have neglected the weakest among us is sad and at the same time empowering.

Paint your masterpiece, compose your symphony, write your screenplay. It's coming. It's a slow train but it's coming. We'll do it all with love.

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