Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pilgrims And Indians And Love

Wherever I go I hear folks complaining about Thanksgiving and the obligations that the holiday brings. Usually the griping carries over into grumbles about Christmas music coming too early and the evils of Black Friday.

Now I don't like to miss a chance to carp. I can whine with the best of them. Somehow though, this year, I am almost overcome with love and gratitude and, yep, thanksgiving. I miss so many of the beautiful people who have passed through my life but somehow I'm focused on the wonderful memories of having shared parts of their lives. I love everyone I have ever known and I feel like I owe all of mankind something. A lot.

That doesn't cover it. All of the beautiful animals who have graced my life have provided enormous comfort and love for me, too. I owe them all something.

I'm gonna write you all some really pretty songs. Well, as pretty as I can write. Is this hokey? Yeah, you bet. Has the old fool lost what little mind he might ever have had? Who cares.

In my life, over the years, I have met a few individuals who radiated what seemed to be pure love. Tiny Tim was one. He spoke to me without any sign of irony or embarrassment of love and mothers and heaven. Keep in mind that our friendship was the fifteen minute type relationship and in a loud, crowded room, too. I never doubted the love or the sincerity, though. Real is real.

I love you all.

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