Monday, November 12, 2012

Is It Too Bright In Here?

Poor old Townes. You always see his quote, "There are only two kinds of music: the blues and zippity doo dah."

Well, it turns out I agree completely. I don't know if I agree with his sentiment. I agree with the quote. Everyone took him to mean that if it's good, it's some form of the blues. If it's not, it's just some attempt at commercial crap.

I love Song Of The South. I loved it as a kid and I love it more now. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is all that's good and all that's right on this earth. I'm crazy about what Phil Spector did with Bob B Soxx and the Blue Jeans in the studio with that wonderful anthem to happiness, too.

Nothing I'd like more than to sing with all the joy in my heart to make my living and make my way. It flows every now and then. Not often. Not much.

There's the light and there's the dark. I've got my heart set on one but I seem to be heavily invested in the other.

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