Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yeah, Every Day

When I was a kid I always loved for company to come. I remember my Great Uncle Jakie and Aunt Annie coming to stay with us in Tampa for a few days over Christmas. I must have been six or seven. They were a pain. A real pain. They didn't want to let me near the tree and they pretty much put a damper on the whole holiday. I cried my eyes out when they left.

Now I miss the folks that I just left in Milwaukee. I miss my mom. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my grandmother. I'm pretty sure that I can name every pet that I've ever lived with and loved. Wives seem to make a point of explaining very clearly that they want nothing to do with me ever again. I miss them all.

When I leave a stage I'm usually somewhat devastated. I never want to leave a crowd. I miss all of my heroes who have gone on. I went to Bubba's funeral when I was four or five years old. He had been a little bit younger. One of his parents backed over him in the driveway. I still miss Bubba.

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