Friday, October 5, 2012

My Love Affair

Uncle Morgan and Aunt Pauline were here and so were Sandra and Georgie. Yeah, I had visited Florida once or twice with my single mom and my grandmother. Of course at six my idea of the area around Tampa had mostly to do with palm trees and the beach. Hawaiian shirts, too.

It was my idea to move here. Yeah, that's right. They let the six year old decide. I was raised that way.

Over the years I've often considered moving away. One wife even tried to talk me into getting an apartment in Austin or Nashville with Rebekah Pulley for my career. That was subtle.

I would leave, too, if I knew of a place I would rather be. I grew up here. Folks know me here. This is who I am and my heart was shaped here.

There are dreams that touch your head, there are dreams that fill your heart
There are dreams that haunt your soul, there are dreams that fall apart.

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