Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Edge

What's to become of me? My life has settled into a new routine. I have plenty of time for creating and producing. My friends have proven to be the best in the world and I have my health.

In other words I have nothing to complain about. Somehow, though, sadness and heartache seem to have combined to become my Moriarity.

I struggle to find whatever I'm missing. Sometimes I'm honest with myself and I know. Then I go back to chasing the illusive evil master who never really shows himself.


  1. Hi Ronny.
    It's me, the illusive evil master. I worry about you. I get these beautifully-written, well-framed pieces of prose from you, always talking about your angst-ridden though pretty good life.
    But I worry about you. You're not gonna do anything really stupid like end it all, are you? That would not be good. We'd miss you. That would prompt a lot of sadness at WMNF and we'd all say, "Dang! If only I'd been able to understand what he was trying to say."
    This would last about a week.
    I love you brother. Lighten your perfectly fine self up, fer Chrissake.

  2. No, I hardly ever consider any such thing. I will say that once it has crossed your mind it's always there. I really see no positive side of sad, though, and it's beginning to bore me to death. That's no way to go, either!

    1. Are you saying that, despite all the gifts with which you've been blessed, and there's a boatload of them that you are constantly referencing, that you're sad?
      Sadness without cause is chemistry gone awry, speaking as someone who's been there, and you need some happy pills.
      I mean, unless you're deriving some sort of creative juice from it, which lately you seem to be....

  3. I'm starting to agree. Hooch doesn't seem to guarantee happy. I was never much at chemistry. I keep thinking that happy is right around the corner and I still think it's close. In fact, I know it is.