Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hope And Light

Burning bridges, breaking hearts and wasting time. Get up, boy. There's a world to save out there. They're not gonna do it out of Washington D.C., are they? They never were. Evolution's involved. That kid who stole your lunch money from the locker room while you were at P.E. runs a hedge fund now. His lobbyists own your government. It's not so much a matter of evil. He's wired that way. History and evolution favor him. His friend captains a big petroleum company. War is good business for them.

Don't get bogged down in it. Vote and talk and teach but keep in mind that they're eventually going to die, too. Buried with his Rolex on, biggest difference.

Love and help and learn. There's a light that shines on your path but sometimes it's hard to see. Keep your heart open and your mind will be okay. Keep your mind open and your heart will be fine.

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