Thursday, October 18, 2012

What A Party

I'm always wondering what the party would be like if Jesus and Buddha and Mohammed and all the good guys could get together. I'm not big on some dumb,  all guy party. It's just that our sexist culture leaves us with more male icons. That's too bad, of course. I'm guessing that Jesus would rather be at the end of the bar with Marilyn or Mary Magdalene than either of his hotshot cohorts. Me too.

We surely wouldn't sit around talking about politics. I've never felt properly guilty about taking my clothes off. I'll bet that the duds would be piled in a corner quickly. All of them. Somehow, I'm sure that there would be laughing, a lot of laughing. Naked laughing. Now, that's a party. Right?

None of this blather is meant to be disrespectful. I love these guys. The simple messages of peace and love resonate in such powerful, human terms. I'm always amazed that we don't just lay down our swords and shields and give in to the wonder of love. No more war.

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