Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Guilty

Seems like I must be pure Freudian at heart. I suppose that I was fortunate enough to get through all developmental stages with my sexuality intact. I would be lying to you, however, if I told you that sex was not on my mind most of the time. I have a healthy interest in the well being of others and I've never felt stuck in any phase of growing up.

The best part for me is that I don't feel guilty about my sexual fixation. Heck, I don't even feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

All of you who know me are aware that all of this sex is just in my mind. It's not that I want it this way. It's just that I don't seem to run into other folks who share my interests. I don't like the idea of casual sex without affection and I disapprove of folks using others for any reason.

That has left me a lonely dreamer with a wild imagination more often than not. Oh, well.


  1. Easy with that wild imagination, pal. Don't try any of that autoerotic strangulation stuff, for instance. But if you do, let me know how that works out fer ye.

  2. Once again, my good luck. Pain and sex seem to be polar opposites for me. I have little interest in anything that hurts. Almost nothing that takes up my brain wrinkle space is illegal. That said, pretty much everything else seems like great fun! Few people are harmed by their imagination any way. I suppose I could get run over sitting in the middle of the street remembering Tuesday Weld.