Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Drummer

I keep hearing that joy is back. I believe it is. We need a new version of "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Now, I'm a sap and I know it but I kept wiping tears from my eyes as I listened to Michelle Obama last night. Oh, I know that some D.C. hack wrote those lines for her but I believe that she truly loves that guy. I believe that if we stamp our feet and clap our hands that Tinkerbell will be alright, too. 

Of course I want good guys to win and I want light to whip darkness but I'm back to reaching beyond politics and the everyday grind. I'm tracking Moriarity here. Evil, be warned. I'm coming for you. Yeah, joy has returned and that means mine, too. Let's end war. Let's spread beauty and let's share love. People got ready! Here's the revolution.

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