Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Ronny's Advice To Mothers

Here's to the ones with the most important job in the world. Most difficult, too. I bow to every mother. I don't really have any advice and, if I did, I would know better than to offer it.

Oh, I suppose that if you're doing a good job, you probably make it look easy. If you're lucky, yours has a true heart. A loving nature. Everybody's unique. Some kids are really special. Really special. You know it. They know it.

Their success is pretty much guaranteed. Measured in gold records, nobel prizes, money and fame? Maybe. I'm pulling for you.

Seems to me that the good ones might burn through money, gigs and romance. Some of that will be hard to watch. If they come out of it with their innocence intact and a heart full of love, you won't be surprised. They're not like the rest.

Here's to both of you.


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