Monday, October 8, 2018

My Peace

You probably know that nothing that I write here, nothing that I sing about, in fact, nothing that I holler from my front porch is meant as advice for anyone. Oh, sometimes I title these things "advice" in some form or another. That's my idea of a joke. That's my sense of humor. I'm no comic.

In fact, I am a frail human being trying my best to get through.

No political party will ever reflect my views. No church will ever address my faith. Not to my satisfaction. Somehow I seem to make me sound sanctimonious, self-righteous. I surely hope that's not the case.

In fact, I'm a simple man. I believe in the golden rule. The power of love. I don't believe in war. Hate. Greed. I like to think of myself as honest but if you ask me a question today, you're likely to get a different answer than I gave you yesterday. I change my mind.

Like most of the people around me, I have been drawn into this terrible division in our culture. I quit.

Oh, I will vote. I will participate in the system in place. Sometimes I will compromise. In fact, most times I will compromise. As always, I will offer my services and my time for the best side that I can find.

I will not, however, be convinced to hate.

In real 'rasslin' when two villains meet in the ring, the loser has to leave town. My worst nightmare is to have two parties of hate battling for political power.

All you need is love.

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