Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rumi Service

Never tore up a hotel room. Not on purpose. Oh, I've taken the little shampoo and the sewing kit but I've never thrown the TV out the window. In fact, I straighten the bed a little before I check out, knowing good and well that somebody's gonna remove those covers as soon as I'm gone.

I've never had the luxury of taking for granted a sold-out show. I'm grateful for anybody who shows up and, to be honest, I can name half the folks in my audience no matter where I am. Oh, I've played for crowds of tens of thousands but most of those people came to hear someone else.

When I host a radio show I get chills playing music that I love for other people. When someone calls in or e-mails, it's all I can do not to express my undying love in response. Of course there is always the risk that someone will call in to complain. Breaks my heart and ruins my day!

I guess I've had about the most successful career ever in showbiz. Funny thing is- this is about the best I can do.

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