Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wait Till Next Year

Maybe luck is just a matter of attitude. Same with wealth. I have little regard for "money." Why on earth would I allow those pirates in government to establish my worth and determine my lifestyle based on green paper that they print? You don't see any poor people in government, do you?

Rock'n'roll saved me from any such foolishness. 

I'm a beatnik, a hippie. I'm one of those folks that they don't want you fraternizing with. I don't know much but I'll tell you the truth. If I were famous they'd kill me. Nothing to worry about there!

Now the only real currency is love. Try to buy it with their green paper. Seems silly to think that the Beatles said so very much with All You Need Is Love and Can't Buy Me Love.

Come on, rock'n'roll, save us again.


              Yes, I know I ended another sentence with a preposition. See how reckless I am!

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