Monday, December 18, 2017

Sad Happy Hours

Communism didn't fail when the Soviet Union collapsed. A kleptocracy which had rotted from the inside fell apart when their war machine ran dry.

Does anybody out there think that Donald Jr. works too hard? How about Steve Mnuchin?

Listen, good friend- I don't write about politics and I certainly don't have any interest in economics. Nevertheless, the emperor doesn't have any clothes on. I see his little bitty talleywhacker. This is not the failure of capitalism. It is the exposure of a kleptocracy.

Those earnest young Republicans who thought they were interested in fiscal issues and government fear that the money train may be pulling out of the station without them. What if Trump gets away with this caper? They bet against him before and now he's the president! 

The whores in D.C. don't wear tight dresses. They turn out in pinstripe suits and they reek of ExxonMobil and Goldman Sachs.

This isn't capitalism.

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