Saturday, December 16, 2017

Humble History

We get our history from the victors. I've always pulled for the underdog, myself. I've always been suspicious of "God is on our side." No god in my imagination takes bets on war. 

Maybe nature is perfect by definition, I don't know. I've always struggled with the idea of suffering. Not my suffering. What little misfortune I've known has been brief and shallow. My heart breaks in little pieces every waking moment over thoughts of orphanages, animal shelters, battlefields, forests ablaze and slaughterhouses.

The perfection in a Little Richard record, now, that's different. If there's not one playing in my head at the moment, there's one coming up right after this Bo Diddley tune finishes. Most of them are under three minutes and maybe that explains my attention span or lack of.

Yeah, ADD, bipolar disorder- I coulda' been some kind of crazy with a name. I guess my mom thought George Ronald Elliott would do.

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