Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hold Them Close

Maybe innocence and vulnerability are the key. It occurs to me as I watch the other species around us that only man seems to lose what we refer to as innocence. I don't believe we really "lose" ours. We just mask it with something that we call sophistication. 

The writers who created the character of Gomer Pyle knew it. Oh, that character could annoy you. Heck, he annoyed Andy and Barney from time to time. Nobody disliked him, though.

With that kind of innocence comes a high level of vulnerability.

Who was ever stronger than a scrawny little nun pushing her way through the teeming streets and alleys of Calcutta. Her total vulnerability was the source of her power, her majesty. Nobody was about to rob Mother Teresa.

Hey, it's me. I babble about Prince LaLa and romance gone wrong; hot rods and broken hearts. I don't have time for Mayberry characters and saints. 

You know what? Time is all I've got. I'll hold her close. Xo, indeed.

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