Friday, December 15, 2017

Turn Yourself In

Today I get to play records on the radio and what a thrill it is. I've always dragged friends in to listen to the music I love. I can't be bothered by somebody's idea of genre. It's good or it's not. We're gonna play Carla Thomas. Rose Maddox. Reparata & The Delrons. Prince La La.

If you know me and you suspect that I'm playing a song for you, well, I probably am, in fact, playing a song for you. I'm Cyrano on the radio, running my love life through the ether.

What kind of lunatics allow somebody like me to play music on the radio? I know, right? Who cares?

I'll tell you this- I do it with all the love I've got. Today I'll be doing it with my wonderful friends, Marcie and Patty. Only difference is they know what they're doing.

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