Friday, December 29, 2017

Throw Like A Girl

Born in Alabama, his mother moved him to Florida while he was still a kid. He was part Creek with English, Irish/Scottish blood. Not me, even though that description fits. I'm talking about Osceola, the great Seminole chief. 

Under a white flag "peace" meeting the U.S. troops kidnapped him and he died in captivity shortly afterward. They took his head and it eventually ended up a legendary tourist attraction.

Maybe they should have worried more about his heart.

As a white male I have lived under all advantages in a rigged society. I have lived to see a shift in the cultural winds. It's over for old white guys. Good riddance.

Let me be clear here: 

I don't think white males are inherently bad. They had the power. They squandered it at the expense of everyone else. Oh, it's gonna take awhile. I won't live to see the turnover. I know about it in my heart, though.

Here's to the women, the native Americans, the descendants of slaves. Make a safe haven built on a foundation of love for everyone. Throw like a girl. That's a good thing.

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