Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Quiet Life

Smiley sang and Elvis quoted, "Always lived a quiet life, I ain't never did no wrong."

Of course I was fascinated as an eleven year old. Still am.

I ain't never did much wrong, either, but I've always had bad intentions.

These days I tend to re-live the memories of the few sordid adventures that I've ever had. If you have good ones, share them with me. Please.


  1. In October of 19 and 63, I went to a YMCA dance with Vivian Carlson. Somewhere along the line, we sneaked outside into the alley of our tiny town and I had my first make out session. And buzzed for about a month. I love this memory.

    1. Thanks, Greg. Do you know, offhand, if Vivian is seeing anyone now?