Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day Drinkers and Hot Rods

Maybe it's the randomness that gets me. All I've got for you is some truth. In this day and age that's rare. I'm not sure that the throngs are screaming for it.

Heaven? Reincarnation? I wish I believed.

Evil? I wish I didn't.

When I was twelve I loved professional wrestling. Oh, I knew it wasn't real but I loved the melodrama and the spectacle. I was aware that there were folks who did believe it.

Now the network news is crazier than anything I ever saw on television wrestling. Ever. 

No wonder rock'n'roll is on the ropes. Why would anybody turn on wrestling when Sean Spicer comes out from under a rock for the TV cameras mid-day every day. American culture is all one big reality show. 

It must be hard to sell LSD now, too.

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