Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Get A Hat, Drop Dead

Any lawyer will tell you, "You can't represent yourself." Explains a lot or, in my case, provides excuse and rationalization. 

Oh, I've had producers, managers, publicists, booking agents and record promo men. Lawyers, too. Never at the same time, of course. Never at the right time.

It's been a decade or more since anyone put forth effort to "manage" me. As much as I have appreciated every attempt to help me out, I've known for a long time that it's a futile, if not thankless, task. I can't be managed.

The world has never wanted what I have to sell. At least not much of the world. This "business" that I'm in kindly refers to me as a cult artist. Of course I'm just proud to be called artist, cult or otherwise. Nobody wants LOSER chiseled in his headstone.

Folks with good intentions have suggested hats, attitudes, songs and death as career moves. That last one always intrigued me but I may not be serious enough about success. Besides, I think I waited for too long.


  1. I've got a friend who represented himself in three divorces. Cleaned out each time.

  2. And well, if you're a "cult artist", you're a damned popular one. "Cult" doesn't have to mean "with a small following."

  3. Hats? Huh. You sure they said "hats?".......