Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turn Up Your Radio

Every bumper sticker, all the Sunday school lessons, everything I can remember from every single fortune cookie- they all rumble in my noggin, competing for space, jostling for dominance.

Now I find that I judge. Like Jimmy Carter, I lust for women in my heart. Boy, do I ever lust for women in my heart! I wrote my own Ten Commandments. Twice! You'd think that the self-righteous fool who was pompous enough to admit any such thing could, at least, follow his own rules. Nope.

Now, it was a joke. Pretty much every effort of mine is a joke to some extent. Anything worth doing is worth doing dumb. I write sad, dumb songs and dumb, sad songs. That's what I do. I do try to tell the truth, though- the truth as I know it.

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