Monday, July 11, 2016

Needles Wiggle and Elvis Sings

Grow up if you want to. I've got other plans. I heard them talking about me on NPR once a long time ago. They were saying something about me being like Johnny Cash without the gravitas. I think that means that I warble off key in a low range with a hillbilly accent.

It occurs to me very slowly, very slowly, that if we pick up their weapons, we become them. Hate? Off the table. Violence? Nope. If our side dances and sings, loves, feasts and frolics, what do they have?

You see the funny thing about love is that it can't be stolen. You can't hoard it. They may cheat you; no, wait- they will cheat you. Just keep in mind that they don't have any armies if we won't be their soldiers.

Maybe we'll march. Sometimes we'll protest. There will always be pressure to fight. The real revolution happens in your heart. Remember the guy in Tiananmen Square who stopped the tank? Yeah, of course you do. We all do.

That scientific secret that they're always searching for, perpetual motion? I've found it. It was never lost! That light of love that burns in your heart shines on all the hate and all the meanness and renders it impotent. The emperor has no clothes on. We'll judge for ourselves the size of his tallywacker.

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