Friday, July 1, 2016

How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?

Don't hold it against me. I've never really wanted to learn to do anything. I've always just wanted to do stuff. I suppose that we're all lucky that I wanted to play rock'n'roll instead of practicing brain surgery or flying for Delta.

Picasso painted in a realistic style and eventually began to put both eyes on the same side of the nose. I play guitar pretty much like I did in the seventh grade. My primitive side is my only side. This is the best that I can do. I know! Right?

When I was about eighteen years old we all realized that the Candymen were better than we were. They lived all over the South- Tampa, Dothan, Jacksonville. Somehow I remember my pal, Rodney, telling me that they never rehearsed. I have always aspired to be that good. I've always practiced as little as possible. I was reassured the first time that I worked with Chuck Berry. Our soundcheck/rehearsal lasted for about five minutes and consisted mostly of him threatening to embarrass us if we screwed up. I eventually figured out that with Chuck, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's really good.

Now Rodney tells me that the Candymen spent hours with their noses to the grindstone. He says that he's never worked harder.

Well, what am I supposed to do now? I've got some fifty years to make up and I still don't want to rehearse. Or learn to do anything for that matter. Explains a lot, doesn't it?


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