Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Contrary to appearances, I'm not much of a nostalgist. Oh, yeah I listen to old music. I read old books. I watch old movies, too. I love old cars. I wish that I had all my old hot rods back... so that I could sell them again.

All these old guitars around the house? If they still painted palm trees on the new ones, I'd buy and play them.

In my world I don't have much interest in fashion or trends.

I remember going to see a show at the armory, here in Tampa, in 1960 or '61. I remember that Brenda Lee was on the bill with Johnny Preston. I don't remember who else was there other than Benny Joy. It still seems sad to me that Benny seemed to be out of fashion. I was a little bit embarrassed for him. That rockabilly thing had come and gone.

Well, years later, Benny and I got to be very good friends. The last time that I saw him was in a record store. He had his collar turned up. He had a ducktail.

None of us are ever gonna be as fashionable as Benny. Ever.

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