Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Post Rock'n'Roll Age

The relevance of the music on the charts is hovering around zero for me. Are there "charts?" I have no idea what Adele sounds like. I wouldn't know about Miley except for her old man's bad heart and the naughty photos that are everywhere on the internet. I like her.

I suppose I always knew this day would come. Oh, I'm not some nostalgia nut, pining for the good old days- the Searchers, the Ventures, the Hollies. That stuff is all fine for me but the music of my youth is not my music. Maybe "Oldies Radio" ruined that for me, I don't know.

Art and literature affect me the same way. Movies, too. I have nothing against current releases but I have little to no interest in standing in a line with a holiday-fueled crowd to see any new Star Wars epic. 

Maybe I'll start reading newspapers from other times. Soon they may be the only papers out there. I'm no luddite, no snob. I'm just opinionated, stubborn and discerning.

These new wars are just like those old ones and, I told you, I ain't gonna study war no more.

New heartaches are pretty much the same as the old ones and the old ones don't seem to hurt as much any more.


  1. When I was in my teens, I paid attention to the music I liked like a fiend. I tried to tune in to the station that would play what I liked so I could hear the ones I liked often enough that I could memorize them because trhey had a life expectancy of 30 days. I didn't have enough money to buy much more than the Beatles' records. So I listened. It anchored my my teen years. Then somewhere in the '70s, oldies stations popped up, grocery stores dumped 1001 Strings and Mantovani from the muzak playlist and suddenly I didn't have memories anymore.