Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bugs In The Grille

Nothing happened today, yet everything changed. Lots of mental baggage was unpacked somehow. My compass and my roadmap are still the lines in my brow and my palm. I know, I know. I left my folded roadmap in my phonebook and now I can't find either one.

It's so very sad to watch the gun folks fight with the anti-gun people. Nobody changes anybody's mind. We just yell and hate more. Same seems to apply to the immigration issue. Looks to me like the war on terrorism is out to make the war on drugs look good, too.

Meantime, we could spend Charles Koch's money and house every homeless person in the country. We could spend David's and feed every hungry family. The stray dogs and cats, too. I don't mean to pick on them. Wait, yes I do.

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