Monday, December 21, 2015

My Own Drum Machine

You don't suppose Europe misses me as much as I do Europe, do you? I've not been out on the road for a long time. Maybe I've just been cultivating a mystique. Is it better to be weird than lazy?

Jamaica gets anxious when I go out the front door to get the mail without her.

My plans for the future are coming together. I'm not like the others. I've fretted about that since I was twelve years old. I would have started earlier but it hadn't dawned on me and nobody mentioned it to me.

Oh, I probably won't cause much trouble. Love's in the air. So is pollen.

I'll put the bridge at the end if I want to and I might wear two hats at once. Aunt Jo stopped me before but she's about to turn 100.

If I keep my eyes on the sidewalk I might miss the stars. If I keep my eyes on the heavens I might miss the sun reflecting in the broken 7 Up bottles. Do you know how long that glass has been there?
Do you? When was the last time you saw 7 Up in a glass bottle?

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