Sunday, December 13, 2015

If I Had A light

Maybe I should feel guilty. Selfish. Don't we all just need more love? The commercials tell me boldly that I need a new Subaru. The cable news shows seem to imply that I need more security, maybe a gun, depending on the network of course.

I'm reminded on a regular basis that I'm not very good at doing what you should to get love.

Socially awkward. Two women have described me that way in the last six months. It would probably hurt my feelings but, hey, they're being kind. When I was in the seventh grade an anonymous group of the girls in my class went to the trouble of sending me a letter. Several pages as I recall. It started off well: "We think you're really cute..."

Then came, ",,, but..."

It was all downhill from there. Really downhill. I don't remember much about the specifics. I'm pretty sure that rock'n'roll, hot rods and wrestling were mentioned. Oh, and my hair. That has always been in the mix.

Well, I've learned that there's not much that I can do about being someone else. Oh, I've tried. There's a list of exes and musicians and former bosses who will argue that point. A long list. I usually claim that I don't care. Of course I care.

Reminds me of that thing, Be who you are. Always be who you are. Unless you can be Batman. Then, be Batman.

Maybe I should have been more careful choosing my heroes.

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