Friday, December 12, 2014

Ronny's Revenge

Well, I've told you all about being sent home from the playground with my little box of 45's. The other kids just never wanted to hear what I wanted to play. If the Beatles had never come along I would still be sitting alone in my room pouting and feeling sorry for myself. Hey, wait...

Never mind. That's a different chapter.

Today, from 2:00 'til 4:00 EST, you can catch me on WMNF, 88.5, Tampa. I'll be sitting in for my pal, Reverend Billy C. Wirtz. You can tune in from anywhere around the world on the internet. I'll be spinning most of those same 45's that got me sent home. You know, some Wynonie, a little James "Sugarboy" Crawford, maybe a Kitty Wells number. All stuff chosen to make the hair stand up on my arm. You're on your own.

Bull you way through with love.

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