Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Don't Hide Your Love Away

Do you ever wonder why we don't use the unlimited energy from the sun instead of petroleum? Do you find yourself wondering if there is, in fact, enough food to feed everyone? Let's make it simple. Love is unlimited yet we have perpetual war. We are a species that hoards love fercrissakes!

There are people out there who measure their own worth by comparing what they have with what others have. In this country lots of those folks spend some of that money during this time of the year to show off and to celebrate the birth of Jesus to a homeless couple.

Oh, most folks are wonderful. The bad ones we read about in the paper and watch giving speeches on TV. The rest of us are gonna have to pitch in. Love more. Love harder. Go!

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  1. Ronny, this is one of my favorites. Best of the holidaze to you, my friend.