Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Afraid Of The Thunder

Clearly there was nothing new about the Nazis' extermination of the Jews except for the horrible, grand scale. Genocide has always been with us. Still is. It goes hand in hand with hatred and bigotry. The history books in the rest of the world aren't so easy on us when it comes to the native Americans, the cowboys and the indians.

Good thing we get a chapter crediting us with the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock'n'roll because we show up as the last civilized country to abolish slavery. Oh yeah, there's that atomic bomb thing, too.

Shouldn't we figure out a way to abolish war? It's not enough to argue over what constitutes torture. Most soldiers who give their precious lives on a battlefield never voted on any rules for combat. We think the bad guys cheat because they strap bombs to their backs. Funny, they think we're the bad guys and that we cheat because we send drones with bombs to incinerate their families. Can they really brainwash so many of us into actually believing that we have God on our side and that we play by some divine rules that insulate us from the evil of killing?

Hey- peace ain't rocket science. You can quote me. Study love.

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