Thursday, March 6, 2014

Geographically Challenged

Well, I guess I've seen plenty enough articles and reviews to know that there are folks out there who claim that my obscurity, which borders on total, can be blamed, at least partially, on my geography.

More than once I've read that had I moved to Texas or California or New York at some point in this so-called career, I might have made something of myself.

Lots of my favorite music has come from this area. Benny Joy, the Skyliners, the Rockers, the Dreamers and the Impacs all come to mind immediately. I know that there are other folks who share my love and enthusiasm for the home grown rock'n'rollers. I have to say, though, that everyone seems to think of these heroes as local acts. Everyone around here, at least. Outside this area nobody thinks of them at all.

Well, as they say, everyone's a local act somewhere. I know I've started my pal, Rock Bottom, rolling in his grave somewhere.

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