Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

We'll lose them all eventually. I'm just not sure that we can afford the loss of a Pete Seeger at this point in history. Not any more than we could afford the losses of John Kennedy or Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy or John Lennon. He brought us his own songs. How could we have struggled through the mire without If I Had A Hammer? Maybe even more importantly, he opened our eyes to other magic: Goodnight Irene, This Land Is Your Land, We Shall Overcome and Turn, Turn, Turn.

He was our conscience. Looking back, he wasn't always right. He always did it for the right reasons with all of his heart and all of his soul. He was still doing it a week ago, preaching the truth for a celebration for the life of Dr. King.

I was only onstage with him a couple of times but it helped change my life. For the better. Boy, I wish I had a hammer, too. I'd ring it for Pete.

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