Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Small Ponds, Big Egos

Now, nobody appreciates a little self esteem more than I do. That said, cocky musicians, conspicuous consumers, conceited beauties and swaggering athletes leave me cold. It's a big old world out there and everybody's a local act somewhere.

Elvis stood and talked to me until he was late for his movie shoot. He was Elvis!

Life is way too short to spend time with folks worrying about how smart they are, how rich they are or how pretty they are.

The beauty is in the soul, the heart. The riches are all over the ground. Seashells and broken 7 Up bottles. The prettiest music comes from the mockingbird. Beethoven knew it. All the great ones know where the best melodies are to be had.

Yeah, you're special. Everybody's special. Lord Buckley told us.

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  1. excellent video, Ronny. Hope all is well in FLA ... Happy New Year!