Monday, January 6, 2014

Money, Ego and Regrets

Well, whattta' ya know. Life is actually happening without my interference. Everything seems to go precisely as it should if I don't yank the wheel. If you let them, they'll trick you into worrying about money. Really? Green paper that they print up and decide who to give it to? Really?

If you give them the power, they'll have you worrying about social status, too. Do you mean to tell me that those crooks in D.C. have a better insight into folks' worth than we do? Or that a bunch of lawyers dressed up like pirates, throwing up on each others' boots once a year, get to decide who is and who is not important?

Well, sir, they have their reality and I have mine. Mine's better. Listen to pretty music. Dance when you want to or when someone else wants you to. Love with all your heart. It's our only real currency. Don't study war. The day will come when our resources go into peace and love and protecting the planet. Watch the puppies and the kittens. Keep an eye on the dolphins. Read up on bonobo culture. 

All the good guys have the same, simple message. Love.

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