Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The King Is Naked

Regardless of what you hear from my friends, I am an optimist, an eternal optimist. I believe in love and hope and the good that lives in the heart of most people.

Like you, I would like to fix our government. I know that sounds boring and like too big a task but it beats the alternative which would seem to be to allow them to have their own caste system with them at the tippy top.

The obvious place to start is to reduce their compensation to the federal minimum wage. Simple enough. I think other nut jobs have proposed similar plans. Once they earn the same thing as the kid behind the counter at Burger King we might have their attention. 

Next, why not have all sessions of congress conducted with the participants naked. I know, I know, the thought of Mitch McConnell's talleywhacker on C-Span is terrifying but, honestly, nobody is watching that crap as it is.

Seems to me, though, the simple combination of those two changes would put everything into a whole new framework. During this time of year you always see some self appointed king of the nudists on local news programs responding to a reporter's question about how those folks deal with the nippy weather. The response is always some clever twist on, "We're nudists, not stupid!" The idea that class distinction fades when the duds come off seems honest and true.

Think about it. If a whole different bunch show up to run for office, we've succeeded. Wildly. We can't do worse. I'm a male. I love stupid. My basic philosophy of life came from the Three Stooges. There's a reason that we call them political parties.

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  1. Our KY senators (McConnell, Bunning, & Paul) have been showing their asses for a long time now. We'd sure be embarrassed if they had to show the world the rest of their shortcomings. See ya soon.