Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Younger Than That Now

My message is for the young ones. Oh, I don't prefer kids to geezers. It occurs to me, however, that folks my age have mostly made up their minds. About everything. They're left or they're right. Some of them are avid environmentalists and some of them still bow down to Wall Street. From my perspective you're either looking under every rock for the truth or you're busy waiting to die.

My I pod has changed my life for the better. That doesn't mean that I've enjoyed sitting across from friends at a back table in the diner while they tweet about where we are on their I phone. I love technology. I hope never to be a slave to it.

Some things never change. War is bad. War has always been bad. It's never gonna get good. Next time we watch a crowd of rowdy boys chanting, "USA, USA," let's hope we're tuned into an olympic event, not a foreign invasion involving shock and awe. Love is good. It's always gonna be good. Love with all of your heart, all the time.

My music brings me more joy than ever at this stage of my life. I'm preaching to the kids, however. Big Joe Turner preached to me when I was a kid. So did Elvis and Little Willie John and Sam Cooke. That's where I pieced together whatever little message that I have. I have a big debt to pay.

I hope old folks listen to my music and I hope they like it. I'm playing it for my audience, though. The kids.

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