Monday, July 30, 2012

I'll Let It Come To Me

It's a lucky fellow who asks a dumb rhetorical question about chasing happiness and gets serious, thoughtful answers. My old pal, Bill Mann, got the ball rolling. His idea is to lock myself away in a quiet, sunny room with my dog and get to work on some positive, happy songs. 

I know that I've told you this before but I never knew that I wrote sad songs til it was pointed out to me. Okay. Now it has been pointed out to me and I hear it. While I've never set out to put together dark ones, I think that I can write happy ones if I try.

Bill's idea is that sometimes life imitates art and I keep living these sad songs. You know what? I think he's on to something. I ran it past my buddy, Walt, at lunch. He thinks so, too. I've got nothing to lose but these blues.

For the time being I'm gonna let happiness pursue me. If it works out I'm gonna try the same thing with women and success. Maybe wisdom, too.

Please buy this new record because I'm hoping that it's the last sad one. I'm starting the new, happy one today. I don't care for sarcasm and this seems to reek of it. Nope. I love you all.

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