Monday, July 2, 2012

Waiting To Write, Waiting To Live

It was years ago that I figured out that I'm constantly waiting to start living. There's always a job to get or a class to finish. A wedding coming up, usually mine, or a fence to be painted. Well, sir, let me announce to the world that the time has come. Go! I'm living. I have nothing left to wait for. That's good, right?

I'll cut my nails when I want to and I'll do my laundry when I'm in the mood. Luckily, I suppose, I'm riddled with a bad case of the Christian work ethic and I'm not about to let much go. I will live, though. 

My new record is due out in August. It's titled "I've Been Meaning To Write." I'm writing, too. I'm gonna finish my book and I'm writing my new play as fast as I can. I hope that something that I do makes someone a little happier. Love everybody and tell 'em. Stand up for the ones who can't stand up for themselves. Forgive everybody who has hurt you and start with yourself.


  1. Thanks to Jay in Texas for "liking" this on Facebook. I'd forgotten how much I like reading your thoughts, Ronnie. I only see you play once a year at Woodyfest and I'm going to miss that and you this year. Thanks for being true.

  2. Used to love the Jimmy Cliff song Sitting in Limbo for just these reasons. Still love it.