Monday, July 23, 2012

Life With And Without Romance

Most folks learn from their mistakes. Hardly anyone puts his hand on a hot stove twice. Of course I would love to believe that I can live alone happily, that I don't need romance.

It seems that I have believed that women were in love with me because they said they were. I guess I have wanted to believe it. Now, I don't dread the end so much. I just don't want to be alone. The other side of the coin is that I'm now terrified that it could happen again.

A few will put their hand on that stove again. Meet the King of Romance.


  1. there's nothing like new love, and that's why you keep going back to that stove. but you know this.
    As they say in Hollywood:
    I really love your work, man.

  2. Reninds me of woody's relationship "sum up" at the end of Annie's like the old joke...a guy goes to the Dr. and tells him that his brother thinks he's a chicken. And the Dr. asks why he doesn't turn him in...and he replies, beause we need the eggs...and then goes on to say, that's how he feels about relationships...they are totally irrational, crazy and absurd but I guess we keep going through them, because we need the eggs :)....walking a bit of a rocky relationship road at the moment so, in the words of bill clinton...I feel your pain :)...we had hope to catch you sat at the hideaway but it turned out to be a "fragile" night....hope to see and hear ya a new song, that you might hope to do the sloppy pelican thurs...if you are in the st. pete bch area...steve connelly...featured...

  3. We like romance because we see reflected back to us in some one else's eyes the person we'd like to be, and that's a GRAND feeling.

  4. Right on, Panama Red!
    We love you Ronny.

  5. Let us not chase immortal love that forsakes the shackles of mortality, weakness, and fleeting moments. Let us cherish what is here, what is now and what may not be. Let us be thankful for the tender mercies we are afforded and lament not what we've lost, because it was never really ours to begin with.

    1. Let's be honest here. You're the reason I worry that I might put my hand on the stove again.