Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our World

It's not their world. It's our world. As long as folks are hungry and prisoners are locked up; as long as people need medicine and the earth is being defiled; as long as bankers are moving honest citizens out of their homes and crooks who have bought our governments are stealing from the rest of us, we have an obligation to stand up and change things. Hey soldier, put down that gun. Hey guard, help that prisoner. Show him some compassion and share some love.

Let's demand a ban on assault weapons now. The NRA doesn't own my government. They may have bought it but I'm demanding it back.

It's time for a revolution of love and common sense, fairness and equality, peace and compassion. Not just the U.S. either. Those Canadians don't have any right clubbing those baby seals. Those Japanese pirates can't go around disregarding international law and taking our whales.

I don't like to think that Gandhi and Jesus and Buddha and Einstein and Mother Teresa and Woody Guthrie worked for nothing. Get up. Pay attention. Cram flowers down their gun barrels.

All you need is love.

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