Thursday, January 3, 2019

Where Nobody's Poor

My role, if, in fact, I have a role, is to help folks feel. Oh, believe me- I know how smug that reads. I'm an acquired taste. A cult artist. A journeyman musician. Even those job descriptions sound pretentious. Precious.

Somehow I was destined to be one of those country preachers who ends up called by the message, not the moolah. We're a rare breed these days. Interview friends and promise them confidentiality and the term "annoying" may come up.

My message, if, in fact, I have a message, is something vague about peace and love and rock'n'roll. I've been fashionable from time to time with my undertaking. Not so much for the most part. I'm never sure, but I think I may be happier when I'm not. I can't be certain that it's not just rationalization. I would rather think of it in terms of my support for the underdog.

"Are you a hippie?" I remember Mike Regar asking me in 1965.

I don't remember how I answered but I think I was. I think I am.

I hope to grow up to be a beatnik.


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