Monday, January 21, 2019

Get In Line, Boys, Get In Line

Okay, if I start a cult, who's in? Don't worry, I'm not up to anything. Once we get it off the ground, I don't want to run the thing. I don't need any reminding here that Fidel said the same thing! If, in fact, cults revolve around religions, I think I have finally settled on one that satisfies my needs.

I don't have a name for it. Doesn't seem to me that it needs one. Our creed- kindness. That's it. No translations, no branches, no rules.

Seems to me, this one's too easy not to catch on. Like the twist. Pet rocks. Streaking.

If this seems premature and arrogant, forgive me, but I see an end to war, greed, political parties and lots of our legal systems. 

Even though there are elements of our new system in all of the major belief systems out there, we won't be smiting anybody or taking any eyeballs for revenge. 

Seems to me we've been overthinking this for way too long.

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