Friday, November 16, 2018

It Followed Me Home

Sometimes it's a struggle to get comfortable with yourself. Lately I seem to be on cruise control. Kindness from the periphery keeps me awake at the wheel. Just barely.

Who on earth came up with the idea that you make your own luck? I'm guessing some white guy. Me? I grew up surrounded by opulence. Snobbery, too. Oh, we weren't rich. We struggled to keep from being poor. I had no clue. To this day I find the concept of wealth and power a ludicrous idea.What the heck is a bootstrap?

Everything I've ever wished for has come to me, almost literally. To be honest, none of the important things like world peace or an end to hunger and suffering have been available. Every crush, guitar, house, car and toy, however, have been mine. Not through hard work or prayer, I should say.

It would be just like me to explain the one thing, finally, that I have wanted for some time. I can't. Other people are involved. Do you suppose that if I had what I wanted, I wouldn't have anything to want?

Ol' Orson Welles made a whole darned movie out of such a flimsy idea.

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