Monday, September 17, 2018

Mister E, I Presume

One wife always referred to me as Mr. E. Affectionately, I believe. Of the adjectives that folks in my life tend to use in my presence, I suppose that mysterioso is among the more positive.

My good fortune seems to be that I use all of the knowledge that I have in my work. We all have acquaintances who struggle to sit at a desk for most of most days, waiting for the big hand to reach twelve, once the little hand approaches five. Then these folks struggle with rush hour traffic in some fashion and hope to stay awake long enough to "live" for awhile. Often the day ends with the TV fading. Real life begins with dreams.

Me? I dream all day and dream some more at night.

Am I lazy? Depends on whom you ask, I suppose. I prefer "shiftless," to tell you the truth.

In my mind I struggle to save the world. Seems ambitious. I often encounter a world that doesn't feel that it needs saving. I persevere. I dream.

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