Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Last Bus

It has been quite the season for villains, hasn't it? Could the WWE have ever come up with anti-heroes more despicable than the swamp creatures from D.C.? I don't think so.

By the time that I was twelve years old I realized that the bad guys that I loved to hate were based on the evil stars from previous days. Villains came decked out as japs, nazis, commies and worse. All of America was unified in bigotry! Make America great again, indeed.

Except for grandmothers in the South and the slower adolescent boys, we all knew that it was for show. Rasslin' was fake and we didn't really care. We were all pretty sure that Kurt Von Brauner went home and cried his eyes out when Jerry Lewis did the marathon. 

Things change. Ted Cruz took the Joe McCarthy model and made it more icky by adding just a splash of Mr. Haney in the mix. Orrin Hatch is rolling out his old Orrin Hatch act and Lindsey Graham is trying to keep homophobia alive in the USA.

Problem is rasslin' was fake. This ain't. These folks go home and put kittens in microwaves.

Gorgeous George was a genius with a splendid act, inspiring Bob Dylan, Eddie Graham, Muhammad Ali. Me!

Donald Trump is in a class by himself. There is no act. He doesn't like dogs.

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