Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I Want My Bike Back

So- the fat, rich kid from down the street stole my bike. He's already flattened both tires and broke the seat. He swipes whatever he can and brags about what he owns. 

Karma? Well, I don't know that I believe in it. Actually, I probably don't understand it. I nicked it, myself, from another guy in the neighborhood. I used to make the little boy next door wash it for me. I haven't done that for awhile.

Anyway, the fat kid brags to everybody about how smart he is and how good he looks on my ride. He always takes things that aren't his but how he got my bike out of the garage is a mystery. I'm pretty sure that Boris, the bully from two streets over, helped him.

There are days that I think I don't even want it back. I mean he's made such a mess of it. It's my bike, though, and justice prevails!


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